Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tribute to Twilight

I know a group of 15-year-old girls who whited out the name Bella in every single page in the Twilight Saga and replaced it with their own so that they could fully indulge in a fantasy relationship with the romantic, dreamily good-looking 150-year-old hero. Creepy.

Yes,ladies, I had experienced the full effect of how obsessed one can be with Twilight.

These girls in the videos below certainly amazed me with their effort to transform their bedrooms into a Twilight-themed haven. And I believe they have succeeded to do so.


Arya said...

Oh my gosh! haha. I would be ashamed to be Bella, can't stand the girl. I like Twilight though, Jacob in especially. lol Your right, that is creepy.

Kate said...

Haha. I was at the cinema when "Twilight" first came out. People started clapping when Edward came on screen.

valerie said...

When I went to see Twilight,
every girls in the cinema went crazy when they see Carlisle instead of Edward..=)

-Sara Cempaka- said...
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